Our Programmes

Our mission is being accomplished through an innovative approach that makes entrepreneurial training available to the poor at every level of education, including the illiterate, through intuitive, culturally adapted game-based mobile curriuclum platform and through a system that ensures access to global markets and success of the micro enterprises. ISE's pilot project is conducted in Bulgaria where target groups are being trained to start micro enterpries specializing in the full-cycle production of a range of wellness herbal products.

ISE is employing the innovative Saksham methodology developed by the Institute for Social Empowerment through Entrepreneurship and Knowledge (ISEEK) that assists its target groups by:

  • Helping them identify their personal, social, and financial goals;
  • Supporting them in achieving those goals through various education programs, entrepreneurship training, and mentorship;
  • Providing access to knowledge through innovative information and communication game-based technologies;
  • Facilitating the emergence and growth of a support ecosystem consisting of government organizations, content providers, financiers, retailers, NGOs and IGOs, donors, and universities;
  • Mobilizing financial, human, knowledge, and physical capital to help create social enterprises that focus on community impact;
  • Assisting target groups in gaining access to global retailers and markets and hence integrating our target groups into the global economy.