ISE works to empower the most vulnerable categories of women and youth in Europe to break out of the bondage of poverty through education and entrepreneurship.

This mission will be accomplished through an innovative approach, developed by Saksham Academy,  that makes entrepreneurial training available to the poor at every level of education, including the illiterate, through intuitive, culturally adapted game-based mobile curriuclum platform and through a system that ensures access to global markets and success of the micro enterprises. 


ISE's pilot project is conducted in Bulgaria where target groups are being trained to start micro enterpries growing and processing organic herbs.  The mission of the Bulgarian pilot project is to create opportunities for young marginalized segments of the population, with emphasis on women and the Roma community, in underdeveloped regions and communities in Bulgaria to raise themselves out of poverty and destitution.  The focus will be on developing local products made out of organic herbs, which will then be marketed through global retailers with raised awareness for global social impact and fair trading practices.


To achieve its goals, ISE is employing the innovative Saksham methodology that assist its target group by: 

  •          Helping them identify their personal, social, and financial goals;
  •          Supporting them in achieving those goals through various education programs, training on entrepreneurship, and mentorship;
  •          Providing access to knowledge through innovative information and communication game-based technologies (ICT) developed at the Purdue University;
  •          Facilitating the emergence and growth of a support ecosystem consisting of government organizations, content providers, financiers, retailers, NGOs and IGOs, donors, and universities;
  •          Mobilizing financial, human, knowledge, and physical capital to help create social enterprises that focus on community impact; and
  •          Assisting target groups in gaining access to global retailers and markets and hence integrate our target groups into the global economy


How we do it: 

ISE is pursing its mission by following ISEEK's adapted three-pronged Saksham strategy:


(1) Develop an integrated knowledge and business management platform to empower targeted groups by providing entrepreneurial training, mentoring and other tools to help them start and grow their own businesses. In addition, the program educates participants about mental, physical, and relationship health practices, which aims to improve their overall self-esteem and resilience, their understanding of reproductive health, and their ability to resolve conflicts. Educating people with limited literacy skills (especially in the case of Roma communities) requires new learning techniques. ISE's curriculum will be accessed via cell phone and is highly visual. Most information is relayed through animation and games developed by Purdue University's ICT innovation lab and adapted for the Bulgarian circumstances.


(2) Develop an ecosystem by creating linkages to: (a) financial institutions and other EU, national, and local government funding mechanisms and social investment funds, all of which will provide budding entrepreneurs access to start-up, working, and growth capitals; (b) local social innovation companies (c) local and global retailers such as WalMart to provide ready access to markets; (d) local and global mobile phone providers; (e) local and global NGOs to get access to local, EU and UN programs; and (f) national media outlets to promote the culture of social entrepreneurship and innovation.


(3) Develop robust execution and assessment framework to create repeatable and scalable processes so that the model can be replicated elsewhere in Europe.  ISE will draw from the expertise of ISEEK’s global team whose members bring experience and knowledge from diverse disciplines and backgrounds.  ISE's team itself brings experts with diverse backgrounds and significant international experience.   Our core team brings expertise in social entrepreneurship, education, large-scale platform development, content development, international development and more.  In addition to ISEEK's developed IT tools, ISE's team members contribute to content development, business development, mentoring, education, assessment and compliance.